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An Aggregate Of Romantics

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19th Century
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This community is dedicated to the 19th century in all
aspects. Feel free to
discuss any period relevant issues, including art,
literature, photography, philosophy, sex, politics...

If you want to post a great photo you found, or talk about
the latest antique you bought, or the last great book you
read, that's fine, too.

If your post is lengthy, please use LJ-cut.

1800's, 19th century, absinthe, aesthetes, aestheticism, americana, antiques, art, art nouveau, arthur rimbaud, aubrey beardsley, baudelaire, beauty, bluegrass, bohemia, bohemians, bowler hats, cabinet photos, cdvs, cello, charles dickens, chopin, civil war, collectibles, corsets, cravats, crinolines, culture, curiosities, dagguereotypes, dandies, decadence, decadents, degas, dickens, dostoievsky, dvorak, edgar allen poe, edison, edwardian era, ej bellocq, ephemera, ether, folk music, folklore, fox hunting, french quarter, gangs of new york, gentlemen, gilbert and sullivan, gramophones, grotesque art, high fashion, high society, hoop skirts, impressionism, industrial revolution, jack the ripper, jane austin, la fee verte, les miserables, lewis carrol, literature, lord alfred douglas, marie corelli, mary shelly, memento mori, monet, moulin rouge, new orleans, nostaligia, nouveau, old stuff, opera, opium, opium dens, oscar wilde, paris, parlours, paul verlaine, period clothing, period film, phonographs, picasso, picture of dorian gray, poetry, politics, pomp and circumstance, poster art, pre-raphaelites, queen victoria, rasputina, regency era, rimbaud, robert louis stevenson, romance, romantic composers, sense & sensibility, sherlock holmes, shirtwaists, spats, storyville, suffragettes, temperance, the gilded age, the symbolists, the underworld, tin ceilings, tin types, top hats, toulouse-lautrec, van gogh, vaudeville, victor hugo, victorian era, vincent van gogh, vintage culture, vintage erotica, waistcoats, whist

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